The ceremony you choose will be the heart and soul of your wedding, so give it the attention it deserves. It will speak of the love you share as a couple, one that will carry you in the many years ahead.


Whatever ceremony you decide on, it can be conducted within the romantic setting of The Lotus Terraces and the beach or, in the case of a Catholic Ceremony, the nearby church.


A. Traditional Thai Wedding

Immerse yourself into the rich traditions of Thai culture and opt for a Buddhist Ceremony. Buddhists monks will perform your wedding ceremony and blessing in the traditional Thai style, including “Hae Khaan Maak”, “Pook Mue”, and “Rod Nam Sang” ceremonies.
Includes: Buddhists Monks Wedding Service and all required equipment  -Buddhist platform, shrine candles, incense, flowers, food alms and donations for the temple and banquet for the Monks.

B. Western Wedding Ceremonies     

1) Christian Wedding

Christian wedding ceremonies can be personally designed, making it your own personal expression of worship, reflecting joy, celebration, respect, dignity and love.  A Pastor is available for Christian weddings and non-denomination religious weddings.
Includes: Service of the celebrant, Marriage Certificate, assistance with the wedding vows

2)  Catholic Wedding

Considered one of the seven sacraments, or channels to God's grace, the wedding ceremony is a serious affair in the Catholic Church full of deep spirituality and rich symbolism.  Father Michael Adulkasem will meet with you in advance to discuss your marriage ceremony, which will take place in the Catholic Church.
Includes: Pre Wedding meeting with the priest in the Catholic Church and marriage certificate.

3) Secular Ceremony 

Many couples today choose to have a non-denominational wedding ceremony and you can opt for your own that is meaningful and special. For example, a Unity Candle ceremony at your wedding is a beautiful way to demonstrate the joining of two families. There are many other unity traditions for weddings to choose, from a sand ceremony to a wine pouring ceremony. Our Wedding Celebrant will officiate your wedding and meet with your beforehand to discuss the kind of ceremony you would like to have. 
Includes: Service of the Celebrant, pre meeting with the Celebrant, choice of 5 ceremonies to mix and match, ceremony certificate in a beautiful Thai silk folder. For an additional fee, an entire original ceremony can be created to suit your wishes.

C. Renewal of Vows

Reaffirm your vows of love and commitment in a ceremony you have always dreamed of. Walk down the aisle and relive your wedding day, create your own personalized vows from the heart, or simply say “Yes, I Do” once again. 
Includes: Service of the celebrant, pre meeting with the Celebrant and assistance with ceremony format and vows to suit your wishes, ceremony certificate, beautiful Thai silk certificate folder.

Legal Matters

Wedding ceremonies in Thailand are usually purely symbolic and non-legal. A simple way to get married is to have the ceremony in Koh Samui and the official marriage at your hometown, as there is a lot of paperwork included, which will take much time and effort.
If you choose otherwise, we can arrange to assist you in legalizing your marriage here in Thailand. We will recommend a dependable representative in Bangkok that will make all the arrangements for a Legal Marriage Registration. You will be advised of the documentation that is required, depending on your country of origin under separate cover.



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